Com-Pac Yachts

Com-Pac Yachts are famous for their first quality build, their sense of tradition, rock-solid feel, and excellent performance. A family business for over 20 years, Com-Pac prides itself in knowing your family, and helping realize your sailing goals.

Com-Pac means reliability. Each Com-Pac is designed and built to exacting standards. The quality of workmanship is superior. And our 20 year old yachts are just as handsome as our new boats... Ask any owner!

Com-Pac means fine performance. The traditional design of our sailboats, featuring true ballast and classical hull shapes, enable them to perform as true yachts should. They offer a stable ride with the feel of a stiff, responsive helm.

Com-Pac means ease of use. Now more than ever, time is scarce. You want to get to your destination and go... The new Com-Pacs offer easy launching trailers, and can be equipped with all lines led to the cockpit-- making it easier than ever to get underway faster, even for the single-hander.