About GLSC

Rob sailing off Frankfort Dunes

I'm Rob Voigt, owner and main operator of Great Lakes Sailboat Co., LC. GLSC has been around for almost 15 years now, and is operated from my home office. Situated on 10 country acres near East Lansing, Michigan, there are always a half-dozen boats on the back lot. Showings are by appointment, and sailing demonstrations are available.

GLSC is more of a regional outlet for the sailboats it represents, offering a friendly local connection with the factory folks, and personal guidance on all aspects of the craft-- from ordering to final commissioning. We serve the Great Lakes region, especially Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin. And we exhibit at Boat Shows in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Cleveland, Michigan City (IN), and Chicago. We offer factory-direct pricing, as well as seasonal discounts and Boat Show specials.

GLSC wintered in

GLSC began by accident, really, back in the mid-80s. That's when I bought my first sailboat out of the back of a magazine. I sailed it, then sold it at the end of the season. I bought another... and my fate was sealed.

But I wasn't satisfied just to sail. I am part inventor, a good imitator, and I worked as a tradesman for a half-dozen years... So it didnít take me long, and I was modifying and upgrading my sailboats. With furling foresails, all lines-lead-to-cockpit, electric propulsion systems and the like, my little sailboats were acting just like the big guys!

On a day-to-day basis I earn a real living by teaching third grade at a small school in East Lansing, Michigan. (An occupation which I enjoy very much!) So I donít have too much invested in trying to sell you a boat. I am more interested in helping you find the right fit between your needs and the sailboats I offer.

Rob working at a Show


Rob sailing with his kids