WindRider RAVE


  • Constructed of durable, 100% recyclable linear polyethylene
  • Molded-in graphics
  • Sealed outriggers for flotation; Beckson inspection ports on each outrigger
  • Aluminum, load-bearing space frame
  • Single anodized aluminum cross beam
  • Adjustable pedals control steering
  • Contoured, paddled seats with adjustable backrests


  • Extruded aluminum, T-shape foils
  • Control wands automatically adjust outrigger foils' angles of attack
  • Remote releases allow lowering of foils from the cockpit


  • Stayed aluminum mast
  • Loose footed, battened, reinforced mylar mainsail
  • Self-tacking, mylar blade jib with traveler
  • All sheets routed to rear cockpit for easy handling
  • Quality Harken hardware


     Beam (foil tip to foil tip)17'0"
     Weight380 lbs.
     Total Sail Area (main & jib)195 sq. ft.
     Draft (foils up)12"
     Maximum Weight Capacity400 lbs.*
     DesignerDr. Sam Bradfield

    *Actual foil borne weight capacity may be less, depending on wind speeds